about cbr


To showcase the literary arts in Cincinnati through book reviews, advocacy and the featuring of local talent.

The Cincinnati Book Review was founded as a means of conveying not only reviews and analysis of literature on the bookshelves today, but also the more important and rewarding effort to bring the joy of literacy and writing to the already thriving Cincinnati arts community. Through reviews, showcasing of local talent, active writing and literacy involvement with local schools and cultural arts centers, the CBR strives to be an integral part of the arts community in which it was founded.

We are facing the continued slashing of school programs and general funding for public education across the nation, as well as an increased cultural marginalization of the value of literature and writing in general. With our public institutions struggling against this wave of educational apathy, other groups have to step in and help stem the tide with positive action, especially on a local level where arguably the greatest goals can be accomplished. What kinds of goals can we set for ourselves and reasonably hope to attain? We can start by showing our children that reading isn’t a chore, but a joy. That learning to write shouldn’t be a punishment, but a means of expression and of taking power over one’s own future.

Contributing to the CBR

We encourage anyone with a strong interest in the written word, and who is serious about contributing, to contact Cincinnati Book Review re: submitting work or being a reviewer.

Please use the Contact page to get in touch. Let us know your background in literature and writing and what you’re interested in contributing.

Who’s Behind the Curtain at the CBR?

We’re local writers, poets and lovers of great writing. We all share the desire to bring a great book review to our town, and to create a place for similarly-minded people to find out more about what’s going in Cincinnati re: books, readings, writing opportunities and more.